Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Hi. You have nice nipples. Bye.


I haven't had such a good birthday since errr I can't remember. The day may have started wrong with calls from work coming in as early as 10am, but I guess having her around improved my mood considerably. Lazing around Gurney Plaza window shopping without having a timelimit on your mind is a great stress reliever. Heck, even the traffic was good to me. Dinner was a nice and quiet thing at 77, along with her, Koosh and G. We then adjourned to Redbox, where Biu, Padios, Eric and Denise joined us. I'm rather impressed with Biu's singing, especially on the Bee Gees' tracks. Padios also didn't figure he'd have so much fun at the karaoke in the first place.

Tomorrow seems to be a long day though, with me checking into Leisure Cove, and the imminent of the KL arrivals, namely Clarence and Melvin. I do intend to spend most of the day chilling in the pool, or watching movies in the room. Better make this short, so she can get some proper sleep since she seemed to have punctured herself belting out hit after hit at Redbox.

And to you people, thanks for all the birthday greetings and well wishes, namely, Cindy, Teddybwear, Daniel, Edwin, and Jethrel. If I missed out anyone, sorry but I'm a lil stoned in the head at the moment.If you guys can make it for hell night, it's on this Friday at Leisure Cove. Just drop me a line.

And when the heck did Tower Records open in Penang????

Your beautiful
Baby its mutual
Well if your down then I'll come down
Lets get on down to it

Boomkat - What You Do 2 Me.

Now if only I could get laid. :)

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