Thursday, June 20, 2002

Take the What Sex Position Are You? test by Ley Ley

:: how jedi are you? ::

Limpek ai kua Eng kok teok cham ma chai. Samba kia si pek keat lor!

Translation : Don't ask . *grinz*

Wednesday, June 19, 2002


I'm currently stuck with about 10 bucks in my pocket cos my bookie has yet to pay me. It's been a nasty few days actually. As you've noticed from the entries below, I've actually been trying to update my blog these past few days, but somehow it keeps dying on me. My handphone got barred too, means I can't sms my darling, let alone make calls to the bookie and such. I wish people would be more punctual with their payments.

On the plus side, I've been a vegetable melting what's left of my brains on Warcraft III these past few days. Been averaging one campaign a day, and then some. I'm currently half-way through the orc campaign , and I must say Blizzard has definately gone all out to take down Battle Realms, even though, as Exarch put it, Warcraft III seems to be a much more glorified version of Starcraft. To a certain extent he has a point. The undead have the rush speed of the zerg and the advantages of the protoss. The night elves are the ones that seem to be rather unique to a certain extent with most of their buildings able to uproot and fight back. The humans remind me of Battle Realms' Serpent Clan and Orcs are erm... ORCS. ORCS = Roxx0rs. Oh and I hear that Warcraft III will only ship come July 3rd. Like wtf. I also hear that Neverwinter Nights is already out locally as well.gg piracy.

Yesterday was a weird day . Went across the road for dinner and I was wondering why there was a large crowd around a grey Satria in front of Jamals. I decided to take a peek and saw an Indian ( whom I later found out was a Mamak) man in the drivers seat sitting there doing nothing. It was only when I got to my table at the coffee shop did I hear one woman say out in hokkien, " Ee Si liau lar". And then the ambulance arrived.

It seemed that the Jamals' workers found him like that when they tried to get him to move his car so they could set up the tables for dinner. The car windows were open, doors unlocked and key in the ignition, with him just sitting there with his eyes close. They thought he was sleeping and tried to wake him. And that's when his head just lolled to one side. Freaky I bet. I decided to do the most chinese thing ever, which was taking down his car number and making trails to the Magnum 4D shop just a few lots away. It was almost 7 and there was quite a line in front of me, and as I got nearer to the counter, I realised that they were all buying the same number as well! Like WTF. Anyway, the number really did come out that night, as a starter, inverted. A few of us did play around with the number arrangement, but we just missed it, barely.

Capes and me came up with 3 theories on how the poor man died.

  • He heard that Senegal beat Sweden 2 - 1.

  • He ate Jamal's food.

  • He was waiting for his order and the Jamal's mamaks somehow forgot his order.

    I guess it was probably a cardiac arrest. Or maybe even natural causes. Who knows anyway.

    Tomorrow's games are to be played delicately. Heck, I'll just play on whoever that Teddybwear picks. She's been quite accurate there, and it was me who decided to bet otherwise. At least now I know I won't be hotfooting my way to Johore.*grinz*

  • Life, Death and Futbol.

    Brazil once again saved my ass from being fed to the bookies with Ronaldo's 88th minute finisher. The odds today were in the favour of the Samba boys, 1 - 1 1/2. That meant that to win money, Brazil needed to win by a two goal margin. And that they did. The stakes were high too for this match. After only a marginal win with the Germany match, it was downhill for me and the rest of the gang, when the underdogs managed to pull upset after upset. Deciding to do or die, the amount put in favour of Brazil was 2.5k. Heck, it even freaked out our contact.

    World Cup betting wise, I've decided to slow down, putting in only small amounts for the remainder of the matches. Heck, I just might stick to the Forcast bookies instead. I managed to score on one of those with the 2 - 0 prediction of a Japanese victory over Tunisia. Odds were 1 - 5, and mininum bet was RM100. I guess forcasting is like playing the horse racing machines. Put a little on the possible scorelines and if you get it, you got yourself free dinner till next week.

    The weekend came and went just like that, with me skipping the trip down to KL for Fatboy Slim. I have yet to get feedback on how good ( or bad) the show went. I did end up watching Scooby Doo though. It's exactly like the cartoon, and Matthew Lillard does a very impressive Shaggy. Heck, even the campy monster chase chase scene with loud music was there. And Velma > Daphne any damn day. Geek girls rock. And Velma has a cleavage and nice round titties too. WTF did i just say???

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