Monday, August 26, 2002

Damage Incorporated.

Friday night at Leisure Cove was deemed to be one of those nights that goes down in the history books. Everyone in our main drinking circle puked. 120 cans of beer consumed. 1 bottle of Swing gone. A record number of shotguns were executed. Jobe did 14 shotguns before the Swing did him in. Patrick did 12 shotguns before he passed out, never recovered and promptly has himself banned from drinking with us indefinately. I managed 11 cans and a whole lotta Swing before knocking myself out. Mind you, that's just the shotguns. It's not counting the bottoms up from the lost card games, etc.Simply put, it was one of those parties that goes into the books along with the 2001 Xmas party, and the 1998 Birthday Party.

And yesterday it dawned upon me. I dwell and obsess with the past too much. And I've started to take active steps to better myself. Finally huh? It's time to let go and move along. No more hiding behind a computer monitor, no getting hung up over girls and relationships, no more putting things off till tomorrow. There isn't a tomorrow anyway. And after I post this, I'll be taking apart my machine and rebuilding it with the other unit outside. Yup, the recon AMD is still outside. Along with the new keyboard, 2 hard disks, and CD burner. See what I mean by procrastination? Ok. right. Later. Bye.

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