Friday, May 10, 2002

The Price of Living.

I'm currently at work, waiting for my staff to complete the shift transfer. Beow just dropped by to pass me some drugs to help me work up my new image. That just cost me another rm99, which brings my total expenditure for the day to more than rm300 so far. Fixing and changing the bike cost me rm65, and my new pair of glasses, which would be ready by Monday, cost me another rm139. And I still have to go my haircut, make my coat for Pat's wedding, and pay my bills. Damn. I hope my bookie pays me soon. I'd get into details later on. Right now I gotta get back to work and keep torturing Beow with Kelly Chen and Sammi Cheng dance remixes. *EVIL GRIN*

Thursday, May 09, 2002


I wanted to blog more, but my body is protesting already. I just got home, after having a rather scary experience that happened on the way home. I was travelling home after work and while I was taking the corner from Northern Road going into Macallister Road, I felt my bike chain jump. Managing to pull myself out of the corner before the bike could crash, I could feel my Jaguh free itself into neutral. Letting it glide I tried to get it to stop before the chain could jam itself , and I thought I had succeeded, at least until my back wheel locked, with the chain all tangled up in it. The bike stopped. My heart was pumping. My brain was numb. I was stranded alone, at 4 in the morning with only the night sounds for company. I pulled out my phone and called the first number my unfeeling fingers found.

I vaguely remember stirring him from his slumber, asking for tools and help. He was onsite within 15 minutes, together with Sun. After trying to fix the machine myself, we decided to put it to the curb and get professional help later on in the day. And with that , they gave me a lift home. I am so thankful to have friends like that. It was rather freaky though, waiting there. There was almost no traffic, and all I had for company were the sounds of the nightlife. Thank god the streetlights were on. Looks like I gotta leave early later, to get a foreman to fix my bike, before it gets carted off to places unknown. And to think I had the day planned already.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

The Chaos Theory.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I had planned to retire early tonight. Throw everyone out at 1.45am. Close up at 2.00am. Cuddled up in bed listening to the rain outside by 3.00am. Wishful thinking isn't it? It's now almost 6am, and I'm still awake, sitting in a dark dark room, basking in the slow glow of my monitor, hacking away at my not-so-cooperative keyboard. It's once again been an interesting day.

I've had some rather highpoints I guess today. The Gunners defeated MU 1 - 0 to secure the Premiership Title. My DungeonSiege female fighterslut broke level 73 today. Zoe didn't screw up as bad as I was expecting her, though there were still mistakes. Exarch surprised me with a phonecall as soon as he got his ass of the plane. Yup, looks like he's back for good. Had another SMS marathon with topics concerning snooker, vampires and choc fudge cake.I also got a rather surprising night call from a friend just now.

And then I opened my yahoo and found an email from my teddy bwear. And I realise that her absence online was mainly due to the attention drawn to me by this blog. By my failure to filter out my thoughts and just dump them all here for the world to read. I honestly miss her presence. Even though we've never met, it seemed like we've known each other for years. And it seemed like we've been through alot together. She was there when I was going through my withdrawal synthoms from Pam. When I was sliding down the spiral into nothingness. When I was getting spectral visits from Illyana. And now that she sees me picking up myself finally, she decides to leave. I can't say I'm dependant on her. But she's been more of a friend than anyone I know during the most turbulent of my times. And I still don't know what she looks like, nor do I actually care. She deleted her blog, on grounds that she can't write nor have people actually be bothered to read her thoughts. She writes beautifully, with the email I recieved as a testament to her literary skills. I really miss her.

I was supposed to go to the doctor's again today, but seeing what time it is now, it looks set to be another day of hacking down skeletons, watching the rain fall, and furious Sms-ing. I wonder if Maxis has any special packages for uber-Sms users?

p.s. I still haven't contacted Melvin.

p.p.s. HI U-MING!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I saw this over at Ronnie's site. Fucking hilarious!



My gonads kinda hurt. It's been rather sore ever since I hit that badly covered hole in Mt. Erskine while stormrunning. At least I know they're both still there ( yes I checked), but the ache is rather uncomfortable. I guess this is what "Blueballs" feel like. Or being kicked in the nuts by a midget lady.

Today was a rather uneventful day, with another SMS marathon session during the night, and some rather interesting yahoo messanger sessions as well. It's now 6.30am, and I'm still awake partly due to me brushing up on some l33t hax0ring for DS related items, and also to give someone a wake-up call later.

Some interesting topics were brought up at the usual teh-tarik sessions at the mamak earlier, with some of the highlights being,

  • How hilarious dynamite fishing could be, especially when it goes wrong.

  • Snake catching 101. Or how NOT to piss off a 20 foot python.

  • How farts can evolve into something really nasty that soils your pants.

  • Starting up a Dungeon Siege Guild within the cafe to stop scumming, hacked items , and general cocksucking sessions.Name suggestions anyone?

    Mind you that all of the above topics were past experiences that involved either Jobe, Capes or me. Or none of ut as all. Oh well. Go figure. I gotta get in earlier today, cos I accidently hired Zoe, aka Bitch's Bitch, aka SexKitten, aka psychobitch to work tonight. Let's see if she passes her first day on the job eh? I think I'll go watch a VCD or two before plonking off to bed .

    And yes my nuts still hurt.

  • Take the Which Utada Hikaru Song Are you? Quiz!

    Monday, May 06, 2002

    Vanilla Skies.

    My body is trying its best to get itself to bed, but my mind insists that I blog out me thoughts before their beauty becomes lost in the oblivion of sleep. As my mind gets itself slowly whisked away by infectious melodies of The Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar, I smile as I reaccount the day's events.

    Today I was caught in the mother of all storms, as I road back to work after settling my banking and bill payments. And throughout the whole time I was getting drenched, I couldn't help but smile. It's been a good day after all. Security at Citibank surprisingly let me slip in so I could get my banking done at the stroke of 3.30pm. Maxis' employees were rather surprised with my cheerful demeanor, to the point that the cashier even forgot to give me a reciept for my bills.

    I barely slept 2 hours today, yet felt somewhat refreshed throughout the entire day. I guess it must have been the company I had for lunch. As I stated in my earlier post, she appeared online at the darnest of hours, and we ended up chatting till around 8 in the morning, with an agreement to meet up for lunch nearby work. Lunchtime came and I must say, I really did have a rather enjoyable time chatting with someone so witty. It was worth postponing all my previous said plans to slot in lunch indeed, considering that I hardly have lunch anyway. She left for home at around 3 after hanging around my workplace for a while. Must have been the air-cond.*smirk*

    Also, I managed to meet up online with another newly found friend, though I believe that she was under alot of stress at work, judging from her rather interesting lines, coming in far and between. I wish I had more time to converse with her though, but I had to rush off to do my abovementioned banking and bill payments. Hopefully, I'd be able to bump into her more often.

    The surprising part of the day I guess was the fact that I've was in a SMS marathon with my friend from lunch, with started around dinner time, and went on till almost 1 this morning! Mind you, I've never actually SMS-ed so much for so long. I guess I really find her err.. interesting. Ah well.

    I'd like to wish my buddy Nael a very happy birthday! You're not getting any younger you know. I did SMS you earlier just in case you were wondering. Anyway, it's good to see you getting back on your feet. I'm hoping that I'd be strong enough to do the same as well. Small note of interest; Digicams = Homemade Pr0n *grinz* ok, kidding! Re5pect to you and your bit.. err, lady. Aight?

    I guess I better be getting me sorry arse to bed already, it's been a good day, almost too good. Maybe it's just a dream, and I have yet to wake up. Why does that sound so familiar?!?! Till morrow, G'nite all.

    /me takes in note to self and promptly wanks to fall fast asleep.

    Oh, and if you're seeing this, wanna do lunch later?:)

    You should feel what I feel.

    You should take what I take.

    Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

    Sunday, May 05, 2002

    Moon River.

    It's almost 7.00a.m here. The sun is slowly moving it's way past the horizon. I still have yet to sleep. I got home around 6 this morning, after finally closing up the place at around 4.30am. Had Ah Boon for company at the mamak, and we updated each other on what's been going on these part few weeks. Since it's his day off today, he could afford the time out with me. Damn, somehow that makes me sound like his girlfriend of something. Ugh.

    Anyway, I've alot to do today. I gotta run off to the bank to cash in me check, run off to Maxis to unbar me mobile, run off to Telecoms to settle the phone bill, drop by the doctor's to get my blood test results, and then, relieve Jobe, who has an interview, by 1.00pm. Any suggestions on where I can slot in some sleep?

    Well, at least I got very good company online at the moment. Remember the interesting personality I mentioned in my previous post? Well, in some bizzarre twist of fate, she suddenly pops up on ICQ at the weirdest of times. And apparently, she doesn't do that often ( popping up on ICQ at 6 in the bloody morning), so I realllllllly feel lucky. Then again, it's a Monday. Something's bound to go wrong. Right? Well, till the bomb drops, I'm gonna continue enjoying her company. Life can be truely unpredictable.

    Note to self : wanking today may cause me to pass out.

    The Wonderful World of Disney.

    Just when one would think ones lives can't get anymore complicated, more revelations are made. And we start to realize just how small the world can be. Over on Channel SS18, the Daniel turned Nora pours on his thoughts and heart into the binary diary. As Whir , Quake III Champion of Malaysia , stated, " This is kinda like an episode of Friends". *smacks Whir over with an Original JK2 Box* . And then, a newly added link, Tigerlily, realises that she knows these people, including having a history with Nael's brother Reaper, and makes a statement as well. Hmm.

    It really is scary isn't it. That all this can actually happen to the people we know. To friends that we care for. Heck, I've been going through a rough patch myself, but it's good to know that there are people, friends are there that care, and with that thought, you'll realise that you're not alone. You'll never really be alone. Not with friends. Not with the internet. As someone who's read the blogs here commented, " Are you sure it isn't all just made up?" *smacks said individual with a 4Gig Seagate Hard Disk.*

    And on other interesting rand0m thoughts and statements from me,

  • A blogpal, Coolchique , is actually a flame of one of my friends!

  • I met a rather interesting personality online today, and found her to be a rather refreshing person to chat with. Then I find out that we already know each other ( kinda ), because she's a flame of another friend of mine. Still, it really is nice to talk with someone so witty . Hopefully I'll be able to bump into her again soon.

  • Why the fuck is Penang so small?

  • I miss my TeddyBwear.

  • Inter Milan let the Serie A title slip through their fingers after getting 0wned by Lazio 4 - 2.

    And I can hear Ronnie still crying out , "Huh?! Who is Mayling?"

  • YES!!!

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