Monday, July 22, 2002


After a rough weekend I thought I could finally get some sleep last night. I've never been more wrong. The weekend involved alot of work, with the back units upgraded, and the older units sold off for rm250 per unit ( casing, processor, motherboard only). Sunday involved furniture moving, with the front section tables being switched out for more comfortable ones. I thought I could finally get some proper rest last night, before going to do my errands today. But then something weird happened.

It was around 4 am this morning. I decided to watch a movie as a nightcap, and slipped in a DVD into my PC to watch. Lying on my bed all curled up nicely, I suddenly noticed that my room light started flickering, as if trying to come on but the starter was working. Now for those that know me and been to my place, you'd know that my room light hasn't been working for ages. There was a storm going on outside, so I thought that maybe it's just my imagination, or my weariness. Probably just the reflections from my monitor, since it's one of those fancy ceiling lights with a mirror cover. So I went back to watching to my movie.

And at the rather quiet scenes, IT STARTED TO FLICKER AGAIN. And then I realised that it wasn't my imagination at all. I watched it slowly start up, trying its best to come on, and flicker out again, and again. And then it stopped. So I figured that the light switch must have been on all this time. I got up , went over to the light switch, and there it was. OFF. Holy fuck. I flicked it on and off a couple of times to see if it was actually working. Nothing happened. Satisfying myself with the thought that it was just an electrical glitch, I made sure again that it was off and curled back up in my bed. I couldn't help glancing at the light to see if it would come back on again though. Nothing happened so I continued with the movie till around 5.

As I got up to change the disc, it started again. And suddenly I was fully awake, all senses in me fully alert. I ignored the flickering and let the disc load, going off to the bathroom to take a pee. Turning on the bathroom light, I went in and started peeing while the light was starting up, and then it started flickering as well! While I was peeing too. Dammit. I finished up quickly, went back to my room, tried to watch my movie, but all I could think of was the time. And all the while the room light tried to bring itself to life.

While I was reciting my prayers, one nagging thought was in my head. What would happen once the light could actually come on? That never happened though, but the thought is still there. I finally managed to get some sleep after the sun came up, only to be woken up by my morning crew, asking for the keys to the shop. So here I am, stoned and awake, pondering on what to do next. I'll be waiting for either Beow or Adren to drop by before we check on all the electrical points in the place. I also plan to remove the light tube in my room light later, but I gotta wait for either of them so they can hold the ladder for me.

But I swear that if I open it up and find that there's no bulb, I'm moving in with someone for the rest of the week!

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