Tuesday, December 31, 2002


The last day of 2002. Once again I'm at work, and once again I have good old Sun on duty. He just loves working on days where he can get officially drunk at work. Today's alcohol stock so far consists of 4 crates of Tiger, 1 btl. Pimm's, 1 btl. Absolut Citron, 1 btl. JD. I think it SHOULD be enough to last us till the next year. :) Reaper called me earlier to inform me that Tops is having is closing down sale with everything having a 40% discount tag on it. Cept for ciggies. He also told me that the only alcohol left in the place is the wine. Liqour stock = ZERO. Dammit.

Yes, we are indeed drinking here again. Our options were rather limited , with Asif's bungalow and Leisure Cove being ruled out. And having it at the poolside of Patrick's pad wouldn't be that good an idea, knowing us. Getting Patrick utterly drunk is also a NO NO due to it being valid grounds for divorce. And I don't think I can stand very much tonight, with my sleep quota falling short for the past two nights. I guess Netcity is as good a place as any. Cept for one missing element. Now does anyone know where we can get LOADS of geek loving women under such short notice?:) I guessed not. Turan.

See you next year, hopefully.

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