Saturday, July 13, 2002

Saturday it's a Saturday.

Yes, once again it's a Saturday, and I'm feeling rather cheery. Maybe it was the phone call, or maybe it's the plans for the day. But it's still a Saturday. Boon and Eric are melting their brains at home over Neverwinter Nights. I need to wake up Ah Boy in a bit cos we plan to go down to Gurney Plaza for the Clarion Roadshow. Adren is being dragged to a Country and Western fair by his pink loving friend. Koosh plans to open a bottle tonight, the question is where? Jobe has gone fishing, with a gaff.. makes you wonder what he's fishing for. And Padios is in Thailand, and I have no fucking idea why!

And with all this going on, who knows what kind of day this is gonna turn out to be. I'll blog later after everything is over. Oh. Wait. I'M WORKING!!!


I'm still alive. And kicking. My grandma's ok; she's been discharged and is resting back home in Ipoh. My absence from here is mainly due to my extremely long work schedule; Warcraft III and Neverwinter Nights have caused to workplace to close later than usual. My own Neverwinter Nights campaign has ground to a halt, after realising that Chapter IV has you fighting Balor Lords AND high level mages at the same time, as well as Frost Giants supported by the spellcasters of the world. I'll get back into that when I can think of a more tactical approach to the matter. Apparently, running up and hacking at them with the Greatsword of the world doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

A lot has happened since I last blogged here, and to be honest it's all become a blur to me. Last night was rather interesting though. Me and the rest of the NcT guys went down to Gurney Plaza for the Clarion roadshow which Capes was in charge of. Getting there around 7, we decided to go eat first, and then with Padios persuasion, made a stop at the Toys-R-Us. The place was rather boring, and then Pat found the LOTR figurines. And they were going cheap as well. Single models were going for RM30 while the sets were going for RM50. We plan to go back there on payday to get us some, provided it's all still there that is. Jobe has this thing for Gimli. It's a dwarf thing I guess.

The roadshow was ok, with the whole lot of us being fed free cans of Carlsberg. The 2 cars on display was a Satria GTI with a RM40K sound system, while the Ford Ranger was a monster all by itself, boasting a RM200K sound system! Damn thing had a 36 inch bass bin for crying out loud. You really have to see it to believe it. And of course, there were the roadshow girls. The two that showed up last night were dressed in a small office like white shirt that only seems to cover their boobs and arms, a red mini flare skirt that was barely one foot long, and get this, fishnet stockings with a garter belt holding it up. Ivor was practically drooling into his can of beer. And somehow, Jobe and me decided to shotgun in public too. What a night.

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