Friday, November 08, 2002

Deja Vu without an Ounce of Virtue.

I saw the most captivating thing on MTV just now. It wasn't a music video, but rather one of the MTV filler ads. It was a 4th dimensional picture rended in 3d form :a wire frame of a man sitting cross legged, and he was rotating slowly around, and at 180 degrees, his back showed his front again, as his body was inside out, yet outside in. It was facinating to finally see it being rendered for the sake of TV. Ah heck, for the concept of 4d, you could always take a look at it here.

I somehow got myself invited to a barbeque/potluck thingie tomorrow, and I'm still not sure as to where it's being held. Exarch told us to Bring Your Own Chicks, so Reaper and me have to find ourselves someone to take to the thingie. So as of now, both Reaper and Me are officially on the market. HAH! As if anyone wants me anyway. I can always pimp Reaper off for you girls ( and faggots). So here goes.

Reaper is Edwin Kee, brother to Daniel Kee, and is currently residing alone in his own place in Balik Pulau, Penang. He is an aspiring yuppie , with his own car, and looks more matured than his brother. He also freelances as a writer for a local paper. He is an avid churchgoer as well as the CHAMPION RAILER OF PENANG. His musical preferences range from Britney Spears to Celine Dion to Kelly Chen. He has a weakness for intellectual women with loose morals, and wouldnt mind big boobs as well. ---- end of plug--

Okay, after that lil bit I'm sure that he's gonna kick me out of the car halfway to Batu Ferengghi. But like I said, he's available so get him while you can girls!

I think all this not wanking is starting to clog up my mind a bit. Someone remind me to pay my insurance premium as well. Thx. Bye.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Of Piety and Panadol.

Today is the first day in the month of Ramadhan. And yes, I actually intend to complete the fasting month with a perfect record. I guess with the fasting month around, you can see me blogging more often, since I be cutting down on my wanking sessions. Or something. Erm. At least I also have time to finish watching all those movies I bought but never had the time to watch. And also burn some VCDs for friends. Eric wants a copy of Poison Ivy II, the one with Alyssa Milano. It's no Embrace with the Vampire, but still it's a collectible.

Speaking of collectibles, Projekt:Home maybe delayed slightly, now that I'm in negotiations regarding my work contract. And the contract is juicy enough to deter me from leaving for Dell. I got a lot more planned for the place anyway, and we'd be running a Need for Speed event later in the evening. Notice that EA Games/Sports have come up with very nice soundtracks? NFS:Hot Pursuit II has Bush, and a rather interesting group called Hot Action Cop, while FIFA 2003 features the likes of Kosheen, BT, and a whole lot of breakbeat artistes. Now if only they would market the soundtracks...

Back on the blogscene, it seems that there's ALOT of drama going on, and most of it seems to either revolve around or involve Nael. And speaking of which. WTF with the "I didn't do a Rommel." statement about eh? Acks, it's late. Time to make a run for work again. Laters.

At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head - Creed.

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