Sunday, October 20, 2002


So many things can happen in so little time. It seems that the world around me have started it's deconstruction process while I was in my own pocket universe. I finally read through the many blogs and realised that relationships seem to be the order of the day. Or rather, the decadence of it. Today is the first day of my leave, and I'll be leaving for KL within the next few hours with Clarence. He's been rather messed up as well. And from what I gather, so is Boon, Daniel, Jia Hui, and to a certain extent Justine.

October hasn't been that good a month has it? I plan to unwind a little when I'm in KL, probably meet up with Adren and some others to discuss Projekt:Home, and generally chill out, before I return to Penang to start the reinstallation process. Oh. And the Gunners have finally lost, of all teams to Everton. wtf. Elsewhere, Real Madrid got their ass whooped by Racing Satander, and Inter manage to draw Juventus after an amazing equaliser by their keeper. Needless to say, my book keeping skillz have been put to the test with all the bets going on.

Excuse me while I go burn some pr0n for the poor KL people.

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