Saturday, July 19, 2003


First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL Then we let it POP, GO LET IT GO X
gon give it to ya He gon give it to ya X gon give it to ya He gon give it to




so what's that supposed to be about baby
ya'll free up ya mind and stop actin crazy
reminisce about all the good times daily
why you try pull that got me actin crazy.

Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul - Breathe.

Ok my typing skillz seems to be heading for the deep end so it maybe time to stop. How many shotguns has it been? 5? I'm getting old dammit. CK is giving me weird looks. I guess it's the first time he's seen his boss dance. Among other things. errrrrr nvm. Fuck I'm correcting a mistake every 5 words. Turan.

By the looks of it, it would take number 7 to knock me out. So I'll go for number 6 then. :) Fuck that was alot of mistakes. Wolves just mentioned about some pure avian kd, and all I can say is... Do I give a flying fuck? Yes yes you people can credit that to me thanks. :) Currently on repeat is Blu Cantrell's Breathe. Remind me to get some water later so I don't fucking get a hangmotherfuckingover tomorrow. OR something. Looks like we're going for a 3am shutdown, which means I can squeeze in one more can. Just for kicks. muajhahaahhahahhahhahhahahahahah. I hope the others are sober enough to get home. I hope she's ok, among other things. Heck, she prolly doesn't give two hoots about me anyways. So till tomorrow with the post report about Alcoholism, thank you for tuning in to the Drama Channel. Good night.

Where there's a Valve there's a way.

One more shotgun taken, and I have Wolves-X keeping me company in my hyperactiveness. I think I can go for number 5 soon, but just in case you happen to see in the papers about some 'kapiaks' turned into roadkill... IT WASN'T ME! So until that point, lemme share with you my joy!

Hurt em' then I murdered them
Think that's competition cause I've never heard of him
I hurt em' then I murder them
If they come runnin' up I make them hurt again

Roni Size feat Cypress Hill - Child of the West.

White Men Can't Drink.

I just freaked out the Happy Mart guy by shotgunning in front of him. The look on his face is really priceless. muahahhahhahahahahahhha.

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I don't think I'll crash at the hotel tonight. Need to clear my system and head by the time I'm finished with myself. For some reason that sounded wrong. I guess I don't want to bother her too much since she has a paper tomorrow. Note to self : Make sure she gets there on time for it! So until then.



Note to self: Shotgunning Special Brew at work = Bad Idea.

Another note to self: Shotgunning ANOTHER Special Brew after that while blasting Prodigy = Even Worse Idea.

I love Saturday nights don't you? I just wish all these fucktards who are like gaming > real life would just vap0r up Gojira's ass or something. Fuck, it's not supposed to be kicking in yet. I feel like pushing my limits again. I'm a little sick of being complacent at the moment. Among other things. We are destined for more greatness in life after all. And I'll be damned if I let myself stay in this little world of mine. Ok enough about me, so how is the rest of the world doing? Oh wait.

I don't give a flying fuck.

This is dangerous
Open up your head feel the shell-shock
This is dangerous
I walk through mindfields so watch your head rock

The Prodigy - Mindfields.

Oh, and the definition of a flying fuck is a wank you throw at someone. Anyway, I feel a wee bit anti social. But I keep a smile of my face. And the next Special Brew close to me. I wonder how many of those I need before I reallllly don't give a flying fuck? Let's try one more. Brb.

I know. I'll keep going and update whenever I shotgun one. And when I start to fuckup my posts then I know my limits. Sounds like a plan? No? Well, fuck you too. Cheerios.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

In My Place.

Depression, like a yawn, is contagious. And life can really suck at times. That karma is having a field day at the moment, for the emotional pain I inflict upon another, I suffer myself. I have Coldplay on repeat, and boy it sure is a load of fun for the whole family. I'm trying to close up the place, but I feel so numb at the moment. Seems that trying to outrun my emotions has been a bad idea after all, since they never seem to tire. And when they do catch up, it hits you like a Farlim minibus. Or something.

" was scared, I was scared,
tired and under prepared,
but Ill wait for it."

Coldplay - In My Place.

Ze president would be picking me up shortly, and I guess we both would be sitting listlessly in some place on the island to reflect about our 'usefulness' in society. Or something to that effect. How can I actually let one woman affect me so much? Am I trying to fill up my void? Or do I really feel for her? I was so sure before this. But now I'm befuddled. The lack of sleep is really getting to me. But it's all good, unless I start seeing Ilyana again...

"I had to find you
Tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart"

Coldplay - The Scientist.

At least Loyalheart would arrive tomorrow. He seems to have his head back on correct. It's a vicious cycle actually. Not everyone in the LHC can keep their heads on right at the same time. Somehow, someone would fall apart. It's an eventuality I suppose. I do wonder how I got to be like this though. I wasn't this fat. Or this fucked up. Ok, maybe I was. The fucked up part that is. Anyway, ze president just called. Seems that he's on the way to get me. I could use the company. And a drink. Ok it's gonna be a long night then. And maybe we go firebomb someone's lawn for old time's sake. Or something. I could use the distraction.


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