Thursday, April 17, 2003


3 hours of sleep was all I got before my mom decided to come over and say, "Let's go!" Like wtf. However, we ended up leaving at 2pm cos ALL possible co-pilots were ahem, unavailable. Ah Boy eventually became the roadie for the trip though.Lunch was around 3 at the Sg. Perak Rest Stop, and consisted of some rather funky malay dishes, including Duck Curry. Funky is definitely the word here.

Ipoh wasn't a total write off for Boy, since he managed to check out my cousin's CRX which was on sale. Only thing he could do was take it out for a test drive. Well, not yet anyway. After dropping my mom off at home, we hopped over to the infamous Target Supermarket to procure VCDs. I haven't gotten myself any movies ever since Ah Teik kena sok. Somehow though, we ended up getting 13 pr0n movies and a whole bunch of normal movies thrown in for free. gg marketing. Ah Boy has happily run off with all the Ahmorkau discs, especially the Snoop Dogg Pimpin' Vid. Righttttttttttttt.

We got back around 9pm though, with Boy taking over the wheel almost halfway through. I have noticed a few things about the Tiara though. The speedometer has a habit of dying at the most akward moments. I have a blue light on the bonnet which comes on at night. It's gold in corour, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Hmm. First thing to do: get better sound system.Hmm.

Discussion with Danny few days ago brings us to the conclusion that Women are more demanding than Men. Men can be satisfied with what they have, but women never seem to be satisfied at all. And all this while I've been accused of being choosy. LIKE WTF. Honestly, the last thing I am is choosy. I have no expectations. All I'm asking for is someone for companionship. Heck, I'm not even asking for sex. errrr... maybe I'm too much of a wanker there. :P Turan. I swear if I hear that "choosy" word again, I will become an Imam. Oh general plea to womankind, " Fucking get your head on right. There's more to life than money." Thx. Bye.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


I couldn't leave at all, because

there's scenery I've gotten so used to seeing.

Even if I come here again some time

I'll see the same sky in the same way

Maybe I thought too much

about whether or not you could call it beautiful.

After a little sleep let's hurry again tomorrow.

I'm afraid. The steps I can't take

pile up, and turn into a long, long

path untraveled; I'm too late.

During that time, I started thinking that

somehow maybe even this place isn't so bad.

I kept giving myself reasons.

In reality, since as long as I haven't understood even once,

I've been pretending to understand everything.

I couldn't leave at all, because

there's scenery I've gotten used to seeing.

Somehow everything seems small, and

what I thought was a small lump was

the sky I look up at that has no end.

Maybe because it's too wide.

Maybe because I was next to you,

I wanted to understand it with my head, but

I envy looking back at

someone, somewhere that I missed.

I'll forever be demanding something that isn't there.

I've been thinking like that since I met you.

It's all in this hand for sure.

I mustn't leave my dreams here.

It's all in this hand for sure.

I don't need a predetermined future.

It's all in this hand for sure.

If it doesn't move, I can't move it, but

It's all in this hand for sure.

If I don't start it, it never will.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Fly High.

Yes it's translated from Japanese. Yes it's 7am and I still haven't slept. Yes I'll be leaving for Ipoh later to send my mom back and also to bring the car back. Yes I'm on leave for 2 days, being Wed n Thurs. No I really hope I don't have to stay in Ipoh for the night. No I still don't have anyone to ride shotgun with me. Yes I need sleep. And that's all you're gonna get from the one within me.

Monday, April 14, 2003


Always lived my life alone,

Been searching for the place called home.

I know that I've been cold as ice,

Ignored the dreams, too many lies.

Somewhere deep inside,

Somewhere deep inside me,

I found ... the child I used to be

And I know that it's not too late

Never too late...

Scooter - Nessaja.

Good luck in finding yourself Roms.

Sunday, April 13, 2003


I am not in angst. Neither am I happy. I am just contented. Maybe. My return to Penang has made me complacent, and my nature has caused me to adapt to the slower pace of life here. But I'll be damned if I move back to Ipoh. :P As if Penang wasn't small enough. Seems that everyone here somehow end's up sleeping with a friend's sister. Or something like that. I have low self esteem. Which is probably why the computer is a good friend of mine. Rejection can be so painful. Which is why I don't try sometimes. And when I do, it just comes back to your face. "But I just want you as a friend." It's all good I guess. I should just go back to my antidepressants sometimes. Stops me from thinking too much. My boss doesn't understand how I can sleep so late yet wake up so early. It's not a sleeping disorder, just a habit I guess. Once again I've fallen. And I don't feel like getting up.


At Happy Mart I noticed a papercut near the side of my fingernail. Zoe told me not to be a wuss about it, so I actually forgot about it. It hurts like hell now though cos I just wanked and kinda spunked it in the process. So, in conclusion, DAMMIT IT HURTS!


I am exausted and still attempting to dry myself off at work, after spending a good part of my dinner time attending the Burmese Water Festival over in Tg. Bungah. Needless to say everyone there was utterly drenched, with us taking most of the flak cos of Hock Yew's and Cape's waterguns. We still had the upper hand, even though everyone else seemed to be using buckets. Lots of buckets. It looks like I'm gonna need to get myself a new set of glasses after one salvo knocked them off my face onto the grass. Jobe managed to locate if almost instantly, only for us to see the one and only Terry( from RedFM) step on them. Luckily he's tiny cos the damage isn't as severe as we first expected. Next year I'll wear goggles and bring along a fire extinguisher. There was a certain chick there that caught my eye, although my initial enquiries have proven to be fruitless. hmm. And no, going up to her and saying " Hi. I'm the one who just dumped 5 liters of water on you. Wanna go for coffee?" would not work.

I have been rather busy during the past week, and I have finally managed to reclaim my car which I have written off as "LOST". Well, years ago, my father came by and said, "I'm gonna use the car for a few days." And I was like "Sure dad." And few days later, the Tiara came back as a Kembara. And I was like WTF. Few days back, the Tiara reappeared, with a different paint job and a different number plate. And I was like WTF. So this coming Wednesday, I gotta drive the Tiara back to Ipoh to send my mom back, and then drive back here to Penang. Then again, maybe I might go for a roadtrip instead. Hmm. Anyone wanna keep me company? :) If you're female even better. :D *pfft* as if la got chicks that wanna follow me.

Ok I'm stoned. Will blog later when I get back.

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