Thursday, April 24, 2003

Music to Die by - Part XXXII

If there are glances that communicate
Better than words,
People can all live on freely
Without losing their way.

Overcoming our mistakes,
We realise what true kindness is.
Together, you and I discovered
That strength called love.

Trembling, we seal our wish
With a sweet kiss.
(You are here ...
So am I ...)
Please don't ever forget.
A feeling that intensifies,
Turning affection into a prayer.
I want to let you know this pulsing sensation
So hot, so fierce

Strife alone can never achieve,
Not for anyone, for anything,
This pure rhythm that I want to pass along
To a young and innocent hand.
The warmth of the sun shone through clusters of
leaves steadily marks the passage of time.
This surely is what everyone wants to hold onto
Forever and ever.

Never give up.
Stretch out your wounded wings.
Soaring up to the sky,
You sketch an infinite dream
So faraway ...
Show your smiling face
Even though you are drowned by sorrow,
If someday you want to be proud of
This irreplaceable moment.


Two Mix - Last Impression. OST to Gundam Endless Waltz.

It always seems better in Japanese doesn't it? :P

Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Good riddance. And that is probably most fulling rm50 I've ever lost. :) Macca is my hero! And Ronnie maybe overweight but he can still pack it up and in when Raul decides to have his bits removed. gg Beckham. It would be good to see him in a certain white jersey next year. :D And now it all boils down to the final race...and the Gunners seem to have a harder road to travese. :P

And in other breaking news, nothing much has been happening recently. Work is still work. though more business opportunities have popped up for me. The next month maybe quite crucial on which way my career/investment/life would be heading. Projekt:Home is still on the table, though something else has opened up for negotiations as well. And my "investments" in certain punters are slowly starting to pay off. The question now is, Should I get myself a new handphone? Or get myself a better investment plan now that I've "levelled up"? Choices choices. I'd just sleep on it I guess.

Oh btw, while sitting outside Nets just now, chilling with Boon in the oh so humid night, a certain silver Kancil drove up to the Happy Mart below and was blasting away 50 Cents' "In Da Club". I swear that the car's sound system can prolly beat Rangoli's anyday. Boon and me were going like what kinda tukau would be driving that thing, and playing music loud enuff to entertain both Jamals' at the same time. We got to see though when they drove past us.. that certain Kancil belongs to some hot scrawny chick and her possibly lesbo but hot friend. Dammit. Now where can we get chicks like that mind you? Other than Subang that is. Ah well. Woah 6 already. I shalt now pass out from self induced orgasm. Later.

Monday, April 21, 2003


Like a sentence of death,
I got no options left,
I've got nothing to show now.

I'm down on the ground,
I've got seconds to live,
and you can't go now.

'Cause love, like invisible bullet shot me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding
and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.
They will bring back to me.

You're a dirty needle,
you're in my blood and there's no cure in me.
I wanna run, like the blood from a wound
to a place you can't see me.
'Cause love, like a blow to the head has left me stunned
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling
and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

You're a cold piece of steel between my ribs
and there's no saving me.
And I can't get up,
from this wet crimson bed that you made for me.
That you made for me!
'Cause love like a knife in the back has cut me down
and I'm bleeding, yeah I'm bleeding,
and if you go, angels will run to defend me, to defend me.

'Cause I can't get up, I'm as cold as a stone,
I can feel the life fade from me.
I'm down on the ground, I've got second to live,
and what's that waits for me, oh that waits for me!
'Cause like a sentence of death, left me stunned,
and I'm reeling, yeah I'm reeling,
and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

Rob D. - Furious Angels.

My brain is still asleep. It's been a quite an interesting weekend. But like I said my brain is still being uncooperative. So to make things short; Friday at Isobar, Saturday footie at Isobar, weekend crowd was rather uncooperative, found out i actually have fans/stalkers, chatting with one online who turns out to be a pregnant woman, actually managed to clear the air with an old friend, and omg my brain died again!

Must now go attempt to kickstart brain without losing TOO much intelligence.

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