Saturday, June 01, 2002


growing numbers

growing in speed

can't fight the future

can't fight what i see

people they come together

people they fall apart

no one can stop us now

'cause we are all made of stars

efforts of lovers

left in my mind

i sing in the reaches

we'll see what we find

slowly rebuilding

i feel it in me

growing in numbers

and growing in peace

people they come together

people they fall apart

no one can stop us now

'cause we are all made of stars

Moby - We are all made of stars.

Friday, May 31, 2002


I'm sitting here zombified after last night's drinking session at Northam Hotel. We were celebrating Jobe's 21st birthday, and I got there a little late because I had to close up Netcity first. Stepping into room 3204 at 1am with Boon, I found Bitch red as ever, Ivor dead in the tub, Jobe almost passed out, and Patrick incoherent. Not good.

Boon decided to join Ed and Momo on the sofa watching tv, while I joined the ongoing table talk. See, at every drinking session with these guys, they hold a table talk session. Thats when you have questions and answers of the most akward nature, and you drink to it all. And at the end of the night, everything stays at the table. Those that were left at the table was Jeffrey, Patrick, Capes, Jobe, and Psychobitch. The rest were coming and going, with Khim Sun trying his best to do damage control. Jeffrey decided to go, "Rommel, since you're late you've got a lot of catching up to do." Not good at all.

One hour later, Jobe was dead on the floor, Ivor and Momo had left already, and Tats and Bitch were sleeping it off. We had just finished off the Henessy, and Jobe made me shotgun a can of Baron's before he passed out. That had me pushing my limits quite fast. We were dry and Capes was screaming for more alcohol. And in a nick of time, Soon Hoe and Kelvin James came by, bringing along a bottle of Boss Vodka. Definately Not GOOD.

Needless to say, that the damn cheap vodka killed me off, at least I was the last one standing. After most of the guys left, I dropped onto the bed, and woke up with a massive headache this morning. Boss still feels heavy in my head, even now. I guess I need to get some rest, cos I'm pulling shift tonight. Damn. Pictures will be up later, after I clean out the digicam.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

The Good Shite.

After finally managing to get the upload cable for the Ixus from Saiko, I spent a good part of my sleep time last night trying to get it to run at home. Common sense got the better part of me, and I decided to do the uploading from work instead today. After some fiddling around with the pics and also some necessary editing, I am now proud to bring you "Life through the eyes of the disturbed"... wait, wrong picture set, errr... "The Wedding". Note that the sets have been zipped up for convienence sake. Choice pictures are linked for fun value. Note that you have to be 18 and above , and a maturity level of an 8 year old to view these pics.

The Morning Session.

The Tea Ceremony .

The Netcity Photos.

The Wedding Dinner Set.

The After-dinner WTF Booze Session

And here are the more interesting pics ;).

The Netcity Wedding Posse from left to right : Andrew, Kelvin, Zoe, Ronald, Emelynn, Hock Yew, Rommel, Girlie, Ramon, Jeffrey, Kee, Asif, Patrick.

The Wedding Posse after Pixel accidently fell off the 1st floor railings.

Patrick and Cheryl.

The Best Man and the Bridesmaid, Aaron and Rebecca.

The Table of Doom, from left : Barnabus, Andrew, Kelvin, Edward and Rommel.

Holy Shit Batman!!! Khim Sun checking out Cheryl's ass as the wedding couple goes by.

Say DICKCHEESE!!! : Another attempt at trying to get a proper group photo.

And another failed attempt.

The Suitless, from left : Soon Hoe, Patrick, Jeffrey, Khim Sun, Kee, Edgar, Barnabus, Edward.

The Women of Netcity, from left : Girlie, Michelle, Zoe, Emilynn, Rebecca.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

The Wedding (The Dark Side )

Forgive the delay, but I've been a little too busy sorting out my life and my mind.

We were supposed to meet up at Netcity at 6pm, so Ramon, Hock Yew and his girl, Asif, Tats and me decided to laze in the pool for an hour or so. Wasn't a very smart idea sitting in the jacuzzi at 4pm in the late afternoon sun. I guess skin cancer's an in thing. Me being the moron I am got my phone wet while sms-ing, and ended up spending a good half hour back in the room with a hair-dryer to get the damn keypad to work. By 5.30pm we were all suited up and ready to go, so we took shot of Dewar's each, for the road.

Reaching Nets at 6pm, we met up with the rest of the posse, and took a few pictures here and there. Must be something to see so many suits running all over Prima Tanjung getting last minute items ready. Capes and Sun had already gone down to Shangri-la to help out with the preparations. When Barnabus finally arrived, we allocated the designated drivers and passengers, since parking would be a bitch, and we should always have a non-drinker in each car. I had to stay behind and wait for Soon Hoe, who was running late, which also meant I had to ride in the 'Kancil of Doom'. Nothing is scarier than having someone who has experienced the 'little good death' drive you somewhere FAST. 5 minutes later the Kancil came zipping in, and we were off. And surprisingly, we got there before the rest of them too. Go figure.

I waited in the foyer for the rest of them to arrive, not daring to go in alone. I really wouldn't know what to do. His parents were at the door greeting guests, and I needed to pack up the ang-pow money we collected into a much more accomendating packet. Making a call to Capes, he came out to pass me the packet, and with the rest of the guys help, proudly packed up the lucky total of RM888.80 for the man. I then let the entourage in, congratulating Patrick's mom and dad and passing the ang-pow to his dad. You could feel the tension at that point. You could also see the visable effort that me and his dad were putting into being nice to each other. It didn't help that Pam was at the reception table, and trying NOT to notice me. But as soon as I got in, my burden somehow was lifted.

We were allocated 3 tables, ok, 2 and a half tables. The incomplete table being taken up by Edgar (Jobe) , Soon Hoe (Ayabs), Ronald and his woman, and some people who came late. The second table, which was nicknamed "The Square Table", had Hock Yew (Koosh) and his mate, Reuben and his mate, Asif, Kee, Jeffrey, and a few others. Our table, nicknamed " The Pentagram of Evil", had me flanked by Sun (Drexl) and Ramon (Articulate), and the motley group of Patrick (Momo), Kelvin (Bitch) and his woman Zoe ( Psychobitch), Edward (Whoopass), Barnabus (Madcow), and Andrew (Tattooine). By the first course, Ed was cracking jokes about Eggs and Cunnisticks, I coerced some poor waiter into getting me a thermos full of chinese tea, and there was a very big spot of vinegar right in the middle of the table.

We noticed poor Capes stuck at the wedding table, him being the best man and all, so we decided to rescue him... after killing the chicken that was to arrive as the third course. Each one of us agreed to sms the man the following message, "Ciggie break. Jom!" . As soon as we cleaned out the chicken, Capes recieved an sms. Before he could read it, a second one came in. And a third. And fourth. And so on and so forth. To the point of his inbox being full. He went through the various messages, ranging from the original, to brief ones just saying "Jom!". Turning to our table, all he saw were empty seats, and a very very mutilated chicken. Needless to say, he gave us a piece of his mind outside.

Champagne time came, and we were all required to stand up to cheers to the bride and groom. Needless to say, we fux0red that up too. The pillar that was blocking our view of the MC didn't help either, and long since the cheers have died down, we were still going on with the "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SENG!" And this was just with Orange Juice and Chinese Tea.

But as the night wore on, I found myself outside more often than in, smoking away my life to Mistar Marlboro. I guess I started thinking again. I really felt jaded. Moving back to my seat, things were getting wild, with Ed doing his "my napkin will poke your eye out" trick, and Barney tossing seat covers across the table. Tats was being tortured by Psychobitch, and Bitch looked like he just came in his pants, twisted tie and all. The food was cleared up fast by us, with us jumping tables by the time dessert was served. We were then told to wait for everyone to leave, then go out thanking the family, and then going back in through the back into the antechamber to start the drinking sessions.

Before that we were gathered together for the customary group photos, which I'll post up here later. Needless to say, fuck-ups occured there as well. Then we followed the plan and waited in the antechamber for Pat and Cheryl to arrive. I was feeling the dark side taking over me and was huddle in one corner suit and all. Somehow the arrival of the wedding couple got me back to my senses, and the bottles were opened.

First round was with Dewar's, one for me.. one for my homie. We started giving toasts to the lucky man and guests, namely Patrick, Capes, me, Rueben, and Sun. This was followed by a whole lotta picture taking, and drinking.

Second bottle was an Otard VSOP.Now that's some nasty cognac , but we took it all in anyway. I was designated "Alcohol Distributor", which even had Ayabs shooting down brandy, even though he knew that it could and would kill him. Deciding to change the flavor a little, we opted for Remy Martin, a much better brandy to drink. People were loosening up, with people reaccounting their past experiences, like how did we all meet up, the embarassing shite that happened, the once we're gained and lost in the circle.

Things hit the fan when Tats and Barney came back into the room with helium fillied balloons, inhaling them, and then speaking like midgets from mars. The best impersonation was the one which Capes did of Nagoya, " Keong kan ar, han chua bo hu?", which was said by the latter when they took him fishing once upon a time ago, which means " WTF, how come no fishes?" Time had passed fast though, and we were told that we needed to vacate, so we packed up whatever bottles had left and decided to continue back at Leisure Cove, without Pat of course.

Next part coming soon..

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