Saturday, December 07, 2002

Zen and the Art of Football Betting.

I returned from my Alor Setar last night and ended up going straight to work, with a detour to No Eye Deer to watch the match of the week, and sadly see the Gunners go down meekly to Man United. And because of that I have to wear an Italian jersey tonight. You know, the really tight one? Now if the Gunners had won, then we would be seeing Melvin wearing a Leeds United jersey and telling the world how good Alan Smith's cock is. If only.

Raya was ok, even though I had to make the dreaded trip back to Alor Setar. I guess things have really changed up north, with Melvin tagging along due to the fact that he needed a ride to Penang. He got to eat some good food and get free money at least. My aunts were pushing the question. Bila nak kahwin? And I was like, but I don't even have a girlfriend. Remember my statements that arrange marraiges are a good idea? I gotta be careful for what I wish for, cos now I got one of my aunts wife hunting for me. In Kedah too. Like WTF.

Somehow the fasting month has rejuvenated both body and spirit. I feel once again the need to rave again. Maybe it's the fact that I missed PVD's best ever show in Malaysia. Or that I've been subjected to Faithless' We Come One all day and night in the confines of my head. Or maybe it's too much of MTV's Partyzone and Channel V's Club V. Or maybe I've been supressing myself too much. A new dance club has opened in Penang, and it's called Lush, just like the one in Ireland, and it's said to be THE party place for Penang. Can't wait to get there. :)

There some kinda bloggers' gathering tomorrow and I seem to be the only thorn among the roses. Hrm. Can you say orgy? I guess I should be able to drop the anti social stance. Those that would be in attendance so far are Mayling, Cindy and Sze Ning. I'm feeling lucky already . Acks. It's time for me to go get me haircut( finally!). Tried to get one in Ipoh, but every joint looked like it gave tittie washes instead. Then later I'd be joining the rest of the gang over at Bitch's place for the Chiqong lesson. And the next person that asks me if I can throw fireballs will end up with the patented Fist of Death. :)

p.s. Does anyone wanna go for Seb Fontaine in a couple of weeks time? :)

Sunday, December 01, 2002


December is here already. Soon it would be 2003. Time seems to be passing faster and faster. And things seem to change. Though never for the better. Alot has been happening lately as well, though I've been too busy at work. I guess I'll just leave a summary below:

- I got a new contract and incentives. I guess management heard that I was getting ready to move over to Dell Marketing. Well I got a pay raise, profit sharing options, as well as a few other perks. Not that bad after all.

- Orange had its Saturday Night couple days back. According to sources, Amazone has taken over the most happening and homely club around. Why have breakbeats, triphop, jungle, progressive and house when you can have FENGTAU TUKAU BEATS all night long? TULAN BIG TIME.

- OMFG Raya is coming. I've actually managed to stick to my fasting schedule despite suffering from food poisoning few nights ago. Just a few more days to go. Then I can go spray the walls with my love juice.

- Ok the last statement didn't sound right at all.

- There's a Homecoming Dinner for all Saints being held on the 21st Dec. Tickets are RM35. Considering that I'm supposed to be dead to most of the community, I just might decide to go and piss people off. OMG is that Rommel? Isn't he dead? How did he get so fat? .... ok I think I will go after all, dressed as a pastor. hur hur hur.

- MU plays Arsenal this Raya weekend. And I need a haircut. Dammit.

Ok time to get my phone unbarred(again) and get my hair cut. I hear there's a place nearby that washes your hair and ur face with titties. Hmm... DAMMIT IM FASTING.

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