Thursday, July 18, 2002

It's the WEEKEND already!!!

Sunday morning I'm waking up

Can't even focus on a coffee cup

Don't even know who's bed I'm in

Where do I start

Where do I begin

The Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin

As you can see I have my weekend planned. And as usual everything will go wrong and I will end up stuck at work. Ok. Maybe I'm wrong this time. Now, where do I begin anyway?

Stop Watch.

I feel like I never seem to have enough time. Somehow, time is ever so fleeting, just passing by without me knowing. There's a lot to be done, and I seem to waste so much time just attempting to get it all finished, only to have it double up at the end of the day. And during these times, that all of a sudden, my life outside my work comes to life. People I haven't heard from for ages SMS or call me. Opportunities spring out from nowhere. But then there's always something that would go wrong.

Today, Maxis lines have been utterly terrible. I'm speculating that one of their SATs probably crashed into Taman Negara only to be consumed by a giant crocodile. Isn't that a movie plot for some B-grader? Anyway, to top it off, one machine just lost it's HD, with the poor thing having it's chip fried. It is now serving as a doorstop for the toilet at work. Another machine has it's CMOS utterly screwed, probably even worse that Annabelle Chong's experiences.

Oh. How could I forget?

We're upgrading the systems tomorrow! 10 technologically advanced desktops will arrive tomorrow for me to put together JUST IN TIME FOR THE GODDAMN WEEKEND CROWD. Frigging wonderful. And people ask me how come I'm not getting enough sleep. On the other hand, I might be able to take home one of the obsolete units home cos anything is better than me machine here, the AMD-K6-2 400. That has the approximate power of the Pentium II. Right. And I have a host of people to entertain as well this coming weekend, which has already begun. Looks like I'll be forgoing sleep for the rest of the week people.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Error 503?

My blog has been giving me the above error all weekend. And somehow I managed to get a post in after about 5 tries or so. I've already gone through the template a few times and have yet to find the error. Midnite suggested that maybe I should change to a different template, but I like this one! :( Darn.

Other than that the weekend was a little fuxx0red. Saturday came and Saturday went, with Hock Yew first declaring himself sick, and then saying that it's all still on. I was initially pissed due to the fact that I had a couple of arguments with my boss, and also from all the confusion caused by misinfomation. Needless to say, I skipped the drinking session at Orange. I ended up unwinding with Boon, Eric, Denise, Boy, Tazz, Adren and Cherlene at the place just a block down from Nets. It was hilarious watching them play Tai Tee where the loser drinks. Adren ended up drinking the most, as usual.

I've been keeping myself occupied with the evergrowing stack of movies in my room, as well as Warcraft III and Neverwinter Nights. I chilled out a bit with NwN , with my character being level 20, and still getting slaughtered in Chapter IV. Been working up my WC3 skillz and found my sync with Night Elves. I guess there's still more practice to do later.

I've got some hardware checks to do later as well, with the cafe either gonna be sold or upgraded. To me, either way would mean an upgrade. I just hope that my contract is considered if the place does get sold . Well, off to get my haircut now. Let's see if the damn publish button here works.

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