Tuesday, April 23, 2002


Patrick stumbled in at 3 this morning and started handing out wedding invitations to us hardcore D-Siegers, namely Capes, Ayabs, Edward and me. And in his own words, " I don't know what the fuck am I doing up at 3 in the morning handing you guys wedding invitations for." I guess he's just getting restless. His wedding dinner is exactly ONE MONTH from now, and we're all happy for the man. It takes alot to finally tie the knot you know. I've known the man for years and years now, and I have exactly 30 days to psyche myself up for the event, because attending that dinner would have me exorcising my inner demons once again. Doesn't help that I was going out with Pat's sister for a rather long period of time. Doesn't help that losing her, broke me down from who I was, once upon a time. Doesn't help that she's now engaged to a man much older and successful than me. Hmm... Makes the Kessel Run alot more tempting as an option. At least I'm not an alcoholic anymore.

I found an old distraction, so I guess it JUST might help me go numb after all.

the secret of any victory lies

in the organziation of the non-obvious

in a comatose

Sunday, April 21, 2002

An Angel's Pantomime.

Once again I wake up to a wet wet Monday, which makes me count my blessings as I have the car for this week.*grinz* As usual, Dungeon Siege took up most of my weekend, even at the expense of Sunday morning's football. I guess it's quite worth it though, as the first batch of us adventurers have breached the veteran level, with Jobe's dwarf leading the pack at level 61, followed by Milk's troublemaking fighter at level 60, Wolves-X Battle Mage at level 60 as well, my confused ranger turned archmage at level 58, and Cape's pyromaniac woman at level 56. Now all we have to do is breach elite, which is at level 74. There goes another week.

I am so glad that I got a copy of the Scorpion King on VCD last night, and after watching in at home, all I can say is, THE MOVIE CAN SUCK MY COBIA. I expected at least some epic battle ala The Mummy II ( I don't ask for much), and all I get is some ancient rebellion. And he's not even turned into the Scorpion King yet as well! Heck, the Rock was more impressive when he was leading his army in The Mummy II. I am soooooo grateful I got the vcd ( 3 for RM10) rather than shelling out RM9 for the movie ticket. At least I have the privilage of wanking at home watching KELLY HU!!! *drool* On other notes, CoolChique has been nice enough to link me to her blog, as DungeonSiege Nut, which is a hell lot better than some of the tags that I've been called.

To balance your feelings in a mind that spins

Is to serenade a rainbow,

While riding on the tail of the wind.

I think I'll go watch Kelly Hu again.

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