Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Art = Life = Art.

I watched Hi Fidelity last night. I must say that the movie hit me like a freight train. Seeing the similarities of my life in that show was rather shocking. The eccentric Rob = The demented Rom. Acks. Even that line was used,

" Come by next week and I'll make you a tape of my sessions "

- Rob the DJ, from Hi Fidelity.

That I made her compilations for memorable occasions also seemed familiar as well. Damn.

I also got my suit made yesterday. It cost me rm400, but at least it's for a whole suit and not just one coat. And it'll be ready on Thursday too. Now I really need my bookie to pay me my money. Maybe I should go double or nothing for tonight's game. Real Madrid over Bayern Leverkusen anyday. Ok maybe not. Also made bookings at Leisure Cove for next week's wedding preps. Took the 22nd and 23rd, so that we would have a place for the bachelors` "party" and also a place to crash for Patrick's posse, in between events.

Oh well, gotta get back to work now. Duty calls. Pulling an overnighter tonight to format and reinstall ALL the machines here. Wish me luck. :-/

Monday, May 13, 2002

Monday the 13th.

I awoke to the sounds of Anakin swishing his lightsaber away at something or another and realised that I fell asleep this morning without stopping the movie. Yes I was watching Episode II on VCD. I managed to complete the first disk before the little death claimed me, leaving my SMS marathon partner alone wondering why there's no reply. Sorry about that.

Feeling rather refreshed, considering I was very ill the night before, I eagerly popped in the second disk and continued my foray into George Lucas' latest epic. Everything was just as it was in the book, until the end with the eagerly anticipated Jedi showdowns. Count Dookoo takes down Anakin with force lightning and then goes one on one with Obi wan. And then the disk jams... and starts repeating itself! Ah Teck SHORTCHANGED ME! But it's ok, since I already planned to watch it all on the big screen come Thursday night. At least now I know when is it ok to take a toilet/ciggie break. Some random observations from the movie though :

  • Every Jedi seems to be trained with Force Jump.

  • Count Dookoo has the dark gift of Force Lightning.

  • Anakin has the dark gift of Force Grip.

  • Jar Jar Binks isn't as irritating as he was in Episode I.

  • The Clone battle scenes look like futuristic versions of "We were Soldiers" and "Black Hawk Down". And they operate like US Marines too.

  • Why did they bother putting in the love scenes?

    So after I got my ass out of bed, I moved over to my trusty PC and started the Timenet dial-up. And there was no dial tone. WTF! After checking my line, I realised that Telekom has once again efficiently cut my line, even though the bills have already been settled wonderful. I wondered how else could my day go wrong. I shouldn't have bothered.

    I decided to watch another movie before I got on with my schedule for the day, which included the additional " Kill a Telecoms man randomly later" chore. Decided to take a in a whiff of nostalgia by watching "Empire Records". There's one little line in there that I could relate to,which is :

    " I hate money."

    - Lucas, Empire Records.

    And then my night shift staff called in sick. Damn. Looks like I'm running shift tonight, since it's almost impossible to get a replacement at such short notice. With that, I washed up, put on some clothes and went on down to my bike..... and found my bike key bent in half. That got me rather perplexed. The key was in my pocket all the while, and there's no way that the key could have been bent to violently without me at least feeling SOME pain, right? After about 10 minutes of streneous " Get back into shape dammit" exercises, I finally bent it enough to get my into the keyhole and get the bike started. Went on to pick up my glasses, and then to my tailor to get my coat done for Patrick's wedding. He quoted RM380. I was again like WTF! I think I'll go along with Pat's tailor instead. Oh well. Also had a sparkling new hair cut, and picked up the latest FHM as well as the Official World Cup Guide, so I wouldn't get too bored doing counter work. Had to miss out on a steamboat dinner invitation though. Oh well.

    I guess I'll be doing my blogging from work, until Telecoms decides to give me back my life-line again. Maybe I should bring my Webcam to work eh?:) There's less pr0n opportunities though. And I don't get to show off my Batty Boy-like looks with the haircut and matching glasses. I better get back to work. The damn place is packed surprisingly. It's a Monday dammit. GO HOME ALREADY.

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