Thursday, June 13, 2002

Right Here Right Now.

It's half time already on this cloudy Thursday afternoon, Brazil is bloody well trying to dance the ball into Costa Rica's net, Turkey is slowly breaking down China, and Fatboy Slim is playing in KL on Saturday. After the dissappointing exit of Argentina yesterday, I managed to make from the night matches, with Paraguay pulling off an amazing comeback, and Spain doing the siesta over the Bafana Boys.

But i really wanted Argentina to qualify. Sweden, no doubt deserve their spot in the last 16, but England doesn't, not after the shoddy display they put up against Nigeria. I was hoping that Aghagowa would nail one in for Nigeria and put Beckham and co. out of contention. So what if I were to lose money for that match? At least I'll be watching better football for the knock-out stages.

I'm afraid of tonight's games as well. Italy have a do or die situation, and Croatia look certain to qualify as well. If we lose Italy tonight, the World Cup wouldn't be the same anymore. And even tomorrow, the fear is still there, when Portugal play for their lives against the co-hosts Korea. After the stunning display against Poland, can the Seranis' , as we call them, actually go one up over the Koreans?

With business slowed down due to the World Cup, I'm thinking of making a one day trip to KL on Saturday for the Fatboy Slim gig. I'm looking at a potential Jackpot today, so I might even fly down to save some time. So erm, anyone can put me up for the night?*grinz* Whoops, 2nd half just started so it's back to futbol for me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002


It's been a good day for me. Me and the others at work managed a clean sweep for World Cup betting today, with the Senegal match voided since it was a draw. Our bookie is gonna have one heck of a headache when he does the payout in a few days time. It's rather interesting though. Rons claims himself to be the lucky charm since it was his first day betting with us. Me, I have my own teddybwear to thank for the tips. *smirk*

It's been a while since I blogged here. We once again had a bachelor party without the bachelor being around, though it was one freaky experience this time. While Rajesh was raising a racket all by himself, we got supernatural visitors telling Capes to get us to shut up. And all this was before we had to knock out Rajesh with some horny goat weed. The events of the night toned down, with the table talk session being rather fuxored with so little people still standing, or rather sitting. One memorable thing was Capes running around the kitchen area with his hands clenched up in fists pushed against his sides, ala Optimus Prime, with Transformer noises and all. And it was good to see Clarence again after so long.

The weekend was a blur once again, with Saturday being recovery day for those with a hang-over. Those that had to attend the church wedding were thrown out of the place by 9.00am, leaving the cleaning up to Boon and me. Ed just kept on pretending to be part of the furniture. I didn't attend the church wedding because I didn't know if a Muslim in a Catholic church would cause a paradox or not. I would probably spontaneously combust spew blood and die. I went to work early to help out the staff since the admin server died on me the night before. And before you know it, it was night, Brazil wrapped the Chinese up nicely in a bag, and I was utter stoned due to having a very bad head flu.

Today I met an old flame while parking my nick on MIRC. Apparently she's now working in KL and is already attached to some guy in KL. I guess it's fated. We talked a while, ironing out some details between us, like what went wrong and all that. I guess it's because I was afraid to go on. And I was too blinded by my personal demons to see her till it was too late. It's not everyday you find someone who's actually willing to even convert just to be with you. Sigh. I'm glad she's doing ok though. At least she's not engaged right?

I think I'll watch a few movies after this. I have a stack of VCDs in front of me which I haven't seen yet. In fact, the last movie i watched was Mallrats. And yes I know it's an old movie. It features the infamous Jay and Silent Bob. Now all I need to complete the Jay and Silent Bob series are "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy". That's gonna be hard to find. Icks. I think I'll go now.

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