Thursday, December 19, 2002

Jingle Jangle.

On the first day of Chrismas my taiko sent to me

A paikia with a behhh kiiiii

First Post!

I caught the 3pm screening of LoTR:Two Towers earlier and I get to write all about it now while the rest of the world watches the 9pm show. HAR HAR HAR ! :)

The Good Bits.

  • The Ents - I didn't exactly expect Treebeard to look so lanky and lean. Heck, I didn't expect Treefolk in general to look that way in the first place. Maybe too much looking at Treants in Warcraft III caused misconceptions in my mind's eye. Nevertheless, they left all the subtle bits in the movie, such as the lengthy discussions at the Entmoot. One gripe is that in the book, the Ents' decision to attack Iselgard was made at the moot, not like how the movie depicted it to be.

  • The Siege of Iselgard - Definitely one of the best moments of the movie, watching the Ents' tear Iselgard apart a highlight indeed. As Boon put it, the Ents' can bowl, pitch, kick and stomp rather well. Treebeard wins the Sportsperson of the Year Award for his endevours. And the fact that they rooted themselves against the flood was rather amazing to behold.

  • The Riders of Rohan - Seeing them charge 60 degrees downhill into the Uruk-hai ranks is breathtaking to see, even though it looked suicidal with most of Sarumans' forces bearing polearms down on them. It's good to see the horsemasters brought to life on screen.

  • Legolas and Gimli - Gimli is the resident joker of the party, with the dwarf playing the fish out of water part well. The part where he asks Aragorn to toss him is hilarious. Legolas does some amazing feats again, such as the mounting he does during the warg riders attack. I can expect alot more kids wanting to grow up to be Legolas now. The kill counting bit during the battle of Helm's Deep reminded me of an Asterix and Obelix episode.

  • Helm's Deep - The mountain fortress of the Roharrim was depicted in full detail, from its battlements to its keep to its caverns. And the battle of Helm's Deep was simply a sight to watch, with the siege methods of the Uruk Hai rather inventive ( Ok, you sit on the ladder and we'll fling you up into the waiting swords of the defenders.) The causeway battle where Gimli and Aragorn held off the Orc armies would rival the last charge of Theoden King and what was left of his guard.

  • Sauron's Armies - You do get a glimpse of what's to come with the Easternlings and Southerners making cameos, as well as the Oliphants, the Horradrim war machines. Easternlings look suspiciously oriental while the Southerners look like a Moorish raiding party. The Wildmen of the North were only shown as raiders against the Roharrim though. In the book they were the vanguard and shocktroops that were used in the first assault of Helm's Deep.

    I guess I'm still awed by the movie, cos it turned up far more than what I expected. It pains me though to hear people say that Gandalf sucks cos he beats orcflesh with his staff rather than throw lightning bolts and what not. Warcraft III is indeed a bad influence on people. After all, Balrog = Diablo to them, sigh. There are some bad bits though. Some points were indeed as draggy as the book, especially when Frodo battles the inner demons. Ok, maybe it isn't as bad after all.

    So now I gotta wait for the final part of the trilogy. Which is in another year. Dammit again.

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