Thursday, October 31, 2002

Oops I did It Again.

I got caught in the Storm of Storms last night. a 50m dash via bike to the 7 - 11 had me soaked. And the raincoat purchased from there didn't seem to help much since the roads were practically flooded. Somehow I managed to reach home intact. Utterly drenched. But intact.

I had another weird dream last night. I dreamt of Hell. And hell was a place where you would reenact your sins over and over again, only to have them go the other way instead. But I wasn't a denizen, more towards being a watcher. There was no fire. But there were sould being consumed and eaten, over and over again. There were political upheavals going on and I was part of a group that was trying to prevent that. It was freaky to be fighting against hellspawn alongside transformer like giant horseshoe crabs. And a consumed sould would be converted into a small embryo like entity, that would slowly grow again.

The thing was, I knew I was only visiting and that I would wake up soon to return to the real world, but everything was so frigteningly real. And as I left, she appeared to say goodbye to me. My daughter. And there was only sadness in her eyes. And then I awoke.

The clarity and consistency of my dreams have been rather frightening recently. The nght before I dreamt that I was going to an interview, and being told that I was under qualified, but I was referred to their other plant and told that I was over qualified for it. My guide throughout the journey was Mun Wye for some reason, considering that I haven't seen him for ages. Anyway, I was to work for Dell, and to be stationed at their Batu Feringghi plant (WTF). I was stuck in power lunches, submitted through at least 6 changes of clothes, and along the way, have Pam appear, give an adknowledging smile and go off(WTF again). I think I got the job finally, and was content at being something I hated to be, a yuppie. Then I woke up.

I really have to get some proper dreamless sleep soon.

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