Saturday, September 28, 2002

Congratulations, you're a Satyr, a lusty woodland fae.
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What a surprise. :P

Which tarot card are you?


What turned out to be a good start to the weekend crumbled into dust like the rest of my life. And it's weird that the downward spiral began with the sighting of HER. If only we had gone to Batu Ferengghi instead. Ah well. Jobe's remedy to my state of mind was simple, and 2 shotguns later, I was back on my feet. And that was just Friday.

Saturday was EPL day, and after winning big on Arsenal, I became complacent, and let good old SDU pick the winners. I paid dearly for that lapse in concentration, almost losing every match after that, including the Seria A! There goes my funds for my Original Fake Jersey Collection. Oh, and while the world was losing my money, Shaneen pops up from nowhere in IRC. And I knew things were going bad when 2 of my exs' make cameos for the weekend. And like the X-File she is, she dissapeared after getting a few words off to me. Damn.

And this morning, this girl from nowhere calls me up and asks me for money, and I'm like WTF! I asked her who she was, and realised that I didn't know her, and she still kept on asking for money. I blatantly hung up on here, but she had already disrupted my sleep. So I'm finally here, pissed at the world and ready to take names, and it's a bloody Sunday! Why can't this happen on Monday?

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