Sunday, September 15, 2002

Chicken Soup for the Damned.

I'm awake rather early after spending a whole day in bed recovering from the flu. After so long, I finally take sick leave. I really must be getting old. At least it gives me time to work on myself, and get some things sorted out. And for the next few weeks things would be changing slowly around here.

With the help of teddybwear, my blog will be undergoing some changes, so thanks in advance. The new pc has been put together and it's running a lot better than I expected. I had a lot on my mind to blog about last night, but I was too weak to put it down here. And today, I seem to have forgotten. Dammit. I am DEFINATELY old. I guess I'll start blogging later on when I get home tonight.

It's good to be back though.

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