Friday, March 21, 2008


Just a preview of the latest Bleach episode. The top 3 Espada, Halibel, Barragan and Stark. Yeah, Espada Duo has a name after all. Too bad we still have to deal with the Ichigo vs Ulquiorra battle to settle first though.

That's gonna take another 10 episodes. :/

Potong only.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Yeah, they're just not learning are they? This statement here by this Champion of his race has got to be one of the most un-muhibbah thing ever. Hell, someone should slap the sedition act on him! Why does he have to incite the people just because 2 parties decide to work together to form a new state government? That's like the bully telling 2 kids of different races or religions to not play with or help each other JUST BECAUSE HE DOESN'T GET TO!

Race based politics is the thing of the past. True, people like this will keep on pimping the race card, but the people know better now. The differences between them and you mistar MCA is that when the Mat Rempit rednecks lynch you, the people who you badmouth may actually be the ones that come to your rescue. You on the other hand would spread your cheeks and take one for the team.

I'm the trouble starter, fuckin' instigator.
I'm the fear addicted, danger illustrated.

I'm a firestarter, terrific firestarter.
You're the firestarter, twisted firestarter.

The Prodigy - Firestarter.

p.s. I guess he's gonna try building castles in the sky now eh? RIP Zak. STBY.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bitter Orange. 

Nanimo te ni tsuganai
Shirokuru no hitomi de
Watashi wa tada hitasura
There is nothing I can do for you

Ano koro no watashi wa
Nani ni kandou shite
Nani ni manzoku shite
Jibun wo rikai shitetano

Doko ni mo ikanaide
Please don't go anywhere

Itsumo ma nika, anata wo kizu tsukete
Omoikakenai koto wo hashitteita
Amaeru kiki tsuzukenuita watashi wa
Kondo wa nani wo motomeru ka naa

Modore no ikanaide
Please don't go anymore


I can't piece things together
With these eyes of black and white.
I tried my best
There is nothing I can do for you.

The way I used to be...
Something touched my heart
Something made me feel content
Did I understand myself?

Please don't go anywhere
Please don't go anywhere
I never meant to hurt you
I was running from emotions I wasn't ready for
But what am I supposed to do next time
If I don't have you to depend on?

don't go back
please don't go anymore

i know i can't walk with my eyes closed
alone.. eyes closed
i know i can't always go towards the sky
alone.. under the sky

like always, i hurt you with my words
i politely asked..
what i can reach now..
don't go anywhere anymore
please don't go anymore
let's not walk any further
please don't go anymore
don't walk more than me
let's not walk any further
i can't walk any further

Chatmonchy - Dai Dai.

Yeah I do miss you that badly. :(

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Regarding Bloodelves. 

See! I told you they weren't that big on my toons. :( This is Harayumi by the way.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Hi. You have nice nipples. Bye.


I haven't had such a good birthday since errr I can't remember. The day may have started wrong with calls from work coming in as early as 10am, but I guess having her around improved my mood considerably. Lazing around Gurney Plaza window shopping without having a timelimit on your mind is a great stress reliever. Heck, even the traffic was good to me. Dinner was a nice and quiet thing at 77, along with her, Koosh and G. We then adjourned to Redbox, where Biu, Padios, Eric and Denise joined us. I'm rather impressed with Biu's singing, especially on the Bee Gees' tracks. Padios also didn't figure he'd have so much fun at the karaoke in the first place.

Tomorrow seems to be a long day though, with me checking into Leisure Cove, and the imminent of the KL arrivals, namely Clarence and Melvin. I do intend to spend most of the day chilling in the pool, or watching movies in the room. Better make this short, so she can get some proper sleep since she seemed to have punctured herself belting out hit after hit at Redbox.

And to you people, thanks for all the birthday greetings and well wishes, namely, Cindy, Teddybwear, Daniel, Edwin, and Jethrel. If I missed out anyone, sorry but I'm a lil stoned in the head at the moment.If you guys can make it for hell night, it's on this Friday at Leisure Cove. Just drop me a line.

And when the heck did Tower Records open in Penang????

Your beautiful
Baby its mutual
Well if your down then I'll come down
Lets get on down to it

Boomkat - What You Do 2 Me.

Now if only I could get laid. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2003


You couldn't say
Needed someone new
You actually thought
Deep inside I knew

Can you tell me how can you say
Why this should suffice
You passed me by
And your heart's as cold as ice
(You passed me by)

Did you see me cry
(Did you ask yourself why)
Did you see me cry
(Did you ask yourself how)
Can you hear me cry
(Did you ask yourself)
Will we ever grow apart

You couldn't say
Needed someone new
And you actually thought
Deep inside I knew

I wonder where we will go
Will we be the same
(You passed me by)
I laugh inside I think of you
And the love we made
(You passed me by)

Tell me why this should suffice
I hold you through the night
Now will I let it go
Soon I'll let it go

Can you hear me cry
(Will you ask yourself why)
Can you hear me cry
(Will you ask yourself how)
Can you hear me cry
(Will you ask yourself)
Will we ever grow apart

You, I'll stand by your side
I'll be there for you
(You passed me by)
You, I'll stand by your side
Please just do me right
(You passed me by)

You, I'll stand by your side
I'll be there for you

Utada Hikaru - Hear Me Cry.

Waking up Sunday morning brought a new prespective of life into view. Or maybe it's an old one that was buried beneath. I ended up doing coffee with a couple of #malaysia ops when she decided to call me. And she actually sounded happy that I finally decided to pick her up for dinner. That was followed up by a very constructive discussion which didn't end up with either one of us snapping, which was new to me. I guess I really did put her in write-off tray. Hardest thing of the night was the choice of whether to send her home, or to have her at my place as usual; of which I did the former. I guess there's more to me than I figured. And the sun is almost rising, but I'm still awake due to Forrest Gump being on Astro. Good movie to watch, especially after I've found my footing again. The question as usual is, how long can this last?

But once again Monday's here, and I got banking, book keeping, shopping and of course coffee to do. Throw in a new staff to break in and it's another recipe for disaster. And I'm starting to live for days like this. :)

Now let's see if I can get me a woman to top this week off eh?


I don't feel alright
In spite of these comforting sounds you make
I don't feel alright
Because you make promises that you break
Into your house
Why don't we share
Our solitude?

Nothing is pure
But solitude

It's hard to make sense
Feels as if I'm sensing you through a lens
If someone else comes
I'll just sit here listening to the drums

I never called
It solitude

And probably you know
All the dirty shows I've put on
Blunted and exhausted like anyone
Honestly I tried to avoid it

Back when we were kids,
We would always know when to stop
And now all the good kids are messing up
Nobody has gained or accomplished

Mew - Comforting Sounds.

Why do I still allow myself to let one person stop my universe from revolving? Don't I ever learn?

And I still think that the worse thing a woman can say to a man is "I want you only as a friend." Comments anyone?

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


I don't know why I'm still up. It's a lovely night to sleep after all. The gloomy weather makes being under the sheets very very tempting. Pity that it's always gonna be alone there. The chilly air and the full moon enhances the atmosphere even more. I do have to wonder what's with the bluish purple floodlights that were in the middle of the field, illuminating debris with it's eerie lights. Probably my imagination again.

I got a long day ahead of me. Plan to wake up in the morning so I can put in some time at the Youth Park gym. Then it's off to the bank to settle some money matters. Of course I also gotta wake up Ah Boy, and would prolly end up going to watch SWAT alone too. Sad isn't it? Story of my life. Well, if anyone is actually interested in watching the movie, feel free to give me a call. As if. I'd be watching the 3.15 show over at Island Plaza. Maybe Mecha might want to join me since he's been under a whole lotta stress at work.

Oh, almost forgot. I gotta go grab the bloody MS service pack for Win2k. MSBlast.exe is only causing minimal damage at work, since most of the machines use an obselete OS. Go me. :) This machine is also still running cos of that same reason. Oh well. Just in case though, I'll lay off my usual downloads till I'm sure this machine's secure. Whoops. Time to get some rest. Else nothing's gonna be happening again tomorrow.

I also shouldn't leave FC Kahuna's Nothing Is Wrong looping when there's no one in the house.

I don't know, If I'm right, I'm right.
But if I'm wrong then show me I'm wrong.
The fear of pity is always awake.
But infinite sympathy completely gone.
It's the windows, the doors, the passageway to the truth.
Oh my god, it echoes the mind.
In total recall as wild as the deuce.
It's so deceiving is the clouded heart.
So superficial is the open wound.
I caress the infinite light.
That even at night. Overshadows the moon and sings to you.

PM Dawn - Looking Through Patient Eyes.

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